Russian National Anthem in English

Russian national anthem

The Russian national anthem shares its melodic origins with the “State Anthem of the Soviet Union,” crafted by the esteemed Alexander Alexandrov. In 1944, new verses, penned by Sergey Mikhalkov in collaboration with Gabriel El-Registan, replaced the original anthem, “The Internationale.” This transformation marked a shift towards a more Soviet and Russia-centric anthem. Post-1956, the … Read more

Mozambique National Anthem in English

Pátria Amada” (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈpatɾjaˈma]; ‘Beloved Homeland’) stands as the national anthem of Mozambique, legally sanctioned in 2002 under Article 295 of the Mozambique Constitution. Historical Background of Mozambique Anthem This anthem marks Mozambique’s second choice post-independence, with the initial one being “Viva, Viva a FRELIMO.” The lyrics of the former were expunged in the … Read more